Frankfurt Orofacial Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to FORM-Lab

Dear Visitor,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of the FORM-lab (Frankfurt Orofacial Regenerative Medicine). FORM is the research lab of the Department for Oral, Cranio-Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery, Johann  Wolfgang Goethe Univeristy, Frankfurt am Main.

The lab was founded in 2007, with the main focus on in vivo biomaterial research using different surgical models. In FORM, we aim to understand the cellular tissue reaction to biomaterials and their vascularization pattern in vitro and in vivo, in order to optimize their clinical application.

In FORM, we focus on understanding aspects of the wound healing, tissue regeneration and oncological therapy concepts in combination with biomaterials.

Our mission is to develop clinically applicable tissue engineering concepts for improved tissue regeneration in patients suffering from tissue loss within the head and neck area due to cancer, trauma or other diseases.

We have a constant flow of national and international students in medicine, dentistry and biology, who are doing their master or doctorate theses.  In addition, post-doctoral scientists, visiting professors and laboratory technicians from various nations have been visiting our laboratory to learn new techniques and conduct collaborative work. Thus, we are always interested in new research and new collaborations.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the site, and thank you for having interest in our research activity.


Yours sincerely,

Shahram Ghanaati, MD, DMD, PhD